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Need a Custom B2B Procurement Marketplace?

✔ Includes a Private B2B Procurement Site for Your Suppliers

✔ Maintain existing Suppliers with less staff time

✔ Add more Suppliers without hiring more staff

✔ Change your Assortment Quickly to catch fast moving trends or changing market conditions

✔ Includes a Private B2B Procurement Site for Your Suppliers

✔ Check Latest Inventory and Buy from your Suppliers Directly

A multi-vendor marketplace sells products from multiple sellers

Less Staff hours used with Manual Processes

Less time spent reading emails from Suppliers

No more CSV files from Suppliers

No more Data Errors

How Avetti Supplier Procurement is different

Simplified Supplier Onboarding

Shopify/Shopify Plus users just need to install your Supply Your Company app. For Magento and WooCommerce users, a few extra steps are required. Larger Manufacturers or Distributors can opt for our API integration or utilize XLS file uploads.

Site-to-Site Connection

Connect suppliers and easily import products directly from their stores to your Private B2B Procurement Marketplace. Product data, inventory, and pricing stay up to date to make purchasing more inventory for your Company simple.

Optionally Route Orders to Suppliers

You can also send End Customer Orders to Drop Ship Suppliers to fulfill. They simply appear on your Suppliers Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, or Magento orders page. For other Suppliers you reorder when. your warehouse inventory is low.

Need an Enterprise Supplier Solution Instead?

Why Add Suppliers to your Ecommerce Site?

By managing more suppliers, you expand the range of products and your customers will have a wider selection, potentially leading to larger baskets and an increased Average Order Value (AOV). Moreover, a more extensive product range contributes to a larger site, which can positively impact your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. As a result, this can attract more organic traffic to your platform, ultimately enhancing visibility and potentially boosting sales.

Avetti Procurement facilitates the integration of a data feed, enabling the display of  your existing suppliers’ products on your platform. This can be coupled with the option for suppliers to either ship directly to your warehouse or opt for drop shipping, which is beneficial for testing new product lines and reducing inventory costs.

A multi-vendor marketplace is a centralized hub for sellers, suppliers, and buyers
Best Buy added third-party sellers to their marketplace which doubled the number of SKUs and increased revenue by 30%

Best Buy Case Study

4 years ago, Best Buy doubled the number of SKUs they procure by adding drop ship suppliers and this increased Top Line Revenue by 30% in one year!

Unlock Additional Sales Revenue

Your Ecommerce Site Your Ecommerce Site by Procuring More
Approved Suppliers
Product Assortment
Limited product varietyMore diverse product assortment allows customers to stay longer on your site and buy more
Ability to Upsell
Limited ability to upsellUpsell complementary products from Suppliers
Revenue Streams
Your products and products from suppliers in your warehouseYour own products plus products from a larger set of suppliers you warehouse and optionally drop ship suppliers
Search Rankings
Depends on your own efforts Greater visibility and relevance on search engines due to a larger set of products

No transaction fees or hidden costs

Supplier-friendly onboarding

 Less Work for Your Suppliers and Staff.

Give your suppliers a smooth onboarding process that doesn’t increase their workload. They only have to login one time to connect their site to your Procurement System.

Suppliers can continue using their current ecommerce system to manage products and inventory, eliminating the need for a different system.

Avetti Supplier Connect allows you to easily onboard suppliers to your multi-vendor marketplace

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