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Why SOC2 Compliant Promo Stores?

In today’s landscape, security awareness isn’t just a good practice—it’s a necessity. Insurance companies now require suppliers to be security-conscious, or your insurance costs will increase. Here’s how Avetti can help:

  • Lower Your Cyber Insurance Costs: Avetti’s ecommerce services are PCI Level 1 and are SOC2 compliant. Our code and processes are verified annually by security consultants to ensure we meet these stringent standards. With PCI 4.0 being tougher than PCI 3.2.1, having Avetti manage your compliance can save you the hassle and expense of doing the work in-house.
  • Ease of Compliance: Achieving SOC 2 compliance on your own can be time-consuming and costly. By choosing Avetti, a significant part of your compliance effort is handled as ecommerce compliance will no longer be in scope, freeing you to focus on compliance for your core business processes.
  • Corporate Customer Assurance: More of your customers are demanding proof of PCI compliance. While a simple SAQ A self-assessment used to suffice, today’s requirements are more rigorous. Avetti is PCI Level 1 compliant—the highest level—and we can provide the AOC (Attestation of Compliance) and policy documents to satisfy your customers’ queries.
  • European Customers and GDPR Compliance: If you have customers in Europe, we would deploy separate infrastructure in Europe to simplify security and compliance with GDPR, alongside lower insurance costs.
  • Gartner Recognized: Avetti’s recognition by Gartner adds another layer of credibility and assurance for your customers.
  • Win More RFPs: Many RFPs now require solutions to be SOC2, ISO27001, and PCI compliant. Avetti meets these standards and can join calls with your customers to address security and compliance questions,  to assure your customers and help you secure more business.

Choosing Avetti as your ecommerce service provider not only simplifies your compliance but also gives you a competitive edge. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on growing your business.


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Key features

Extensive Experience

We specialize in creating branded promotional product stores, including white-labeled employee and rewards stores. Our expertise covers approval processes, allowances, vouchers, various access levels, cost centers, and personalization. Plus, we can integrate seamlessly with ERP systems, warehouses, decorators, and imprinters. Need punchout integration? We’ve got you covered, having completed hundreds of them.

Modern and Flexible Platform

Our platform is built on the modern React/Next.js framework, giving your developers full access to the front end for easy customization and extension. They’ll appreciate working with this popular technology. You can enable features per store from a single code base, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Easy Store Management

Our theme editor, currently in beta, simplifies adding new stores. You can also add more stores without any code changes. Avetti Commerce is Composable Commerce compliant, allowing you to add static content per site or use external CMS tools like, Sanity, or even WordPress—all without iframes or subdomains.

Versatile Product Presentation

We support size grids and offer multiple ways to display item pages, ensuring your products look great and are easy to navigate.


Personalization is one of our key strengths. We offer tools that let you customize where and how personalization appears, catering to your specific needs.  We have delivered simple and very complex multi page personalizations and personalized product preview. 

Theme Builder
Size Chart

Modern React / Next js Platform

Headless Micro Services

Why Avetti?

At Avetti, we have the expertise and global reach to support your corporate customers anywhere in the world. Our extensive experience includes working with multinationals, banks, governments, and high-volume eCommerce sites and multi-store deployments.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Many of the largest promotional products distributors rely on Avetti to manage hundreds of sites using our multi-store eCommerce solution. With over 20 years of experience, we have powered thousands of sites and offer tailored customization and integration services to meet your unique needs.

Seamless Integration

If your product data is currently in Magento or Shopify, we can seamlessly synchronize your data and orders to Avetti Commerce. This ensures that your existing integrations with warehouses and ERP systems remain functional, providing a smooth transition.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Avetti already integrates with numerous suppliers in your industry, as well as with various payment processors, ERP systems, and procurement systems.

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