Headless Commerce

Unlock Seamless Omnichannel Selling Across all Platforms With a Headless Solution

Our headless commerce solution helps eCommerce businesses create unique and tailored online stores that seamlessly integrate with existing systems and ensures optimal speed to maximize your sales.

Headless commerce allows multiple storefronts to connect to one back-end of an online store

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce is an eCommerce architecture that allows multiple storefronts to connect to one back-end of an online store. This means that the presentation layer, which includes the design and user interface, is decoupled from the backend technology stack, including the eCommerce platform and database.

The Avetti Front End layer is built using modern technologies like React + NextJS for fast performance and seamless integration with the Avetti Commerce backend and with other solutions via APIs. You also have full access to the Front End source code to modify and extend. And since we recommend deployment platforms such as Vercel and Netlify, you can easily route from the Front End to other applications in order to add custom applications and take the same approach to extend the administration pages and dashboards. This allows eCommerce store owners to have more flexibility in customizing the user experience and creating unique interfaces that can adapt to different devices and touch points.

Headless Commerce allows multiple storefronts to connect to one back-end of an ecommerce store

Key Benefits of Headless Commerce


eCommerce businesses can customize the front-end experience to meet their specific needs. This flexibility means businesses can create a unique user experience that aligns with their brand identity and values.


Our headless commerce platform is designed to be fast, providing a seamless experience for users. This speed is critical in eCommerce, where slow loading times can lead to lost sales.


The platform integrates seamlessly with other systems, as the front end itself is an integration layer. The back end uses extensive graphQL API calls to integrate into your system.


Businesses can create unique and customized user experiences that can differentiate their online stores from their competitors and even create multiple online channels and marketplaces.


We support Omni-channel commerce, allowing businesses to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels, stores and marketplaces, responsively supporting desktop, mobile, and other form factors.