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Most small community farmers markets typically have a simple WordPress site focused on applying for the market with limited news and information and the list of the vendors that were accepted to the market that year.

We have a better solution. Here are 2 examples of what we mean. 

The site not only gives you a WordPress site you have full control over but also an integrated marketplace that showcases your vendors at 3 levels.    And we will even migrate your existing site so you have no additional work to do.  And if you don’t like it you can go back to what you have at any time.

Creemore Farmers Market

Level One

A simple listing about the Vendor including basic contact information and social media links.

Level 1

Level Two

Along with the features in level one, level two adds a store front page on an easy to remember. /shopat url such as

This gives the vendor their own personal WordPress Page that only they (or the Farmers Market Manger) can access, and update. This allows the vendor to have more freedom over customization allowing them to add images, videos, about us information, news, and upcoming events.

Level 2

Level Three

Along with the features of both level one and two, level three adds Products that the vendor can upload for Shoppers to order online.

They can be paid for when picked up.  If the vendor wants to guarantee that a buyer will show up he can optionally provide a Stripe or Square account so purchases are paid DIRECT to the vendor.  The Farmers Market is not engaging in ecommerce it is just facilitating direct sales to the vendor from the public. If the vendor wants to only have shoppers select products for pickup to be paid in cash then that is also an option.

An example would be

Level 3

Unique Features Specific to Farmers Markets

We support individual skus for products such as meat that are individually weighed.

Product Example

Community Marketing

Each vendor can optionally create a Community using WhatsApp to make it easy to send weekly news and specials.  This provides 100% deliverability with no issues with spam folders and CASL.

Chat to Shop

This is a new innovative way of Community Marketing to have a Shopper connect with the vendor using Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger for one on one discussions to build that relationship.  If they used Whatapp the vendor can add them to their WhatsApp Community to build a marketing list.

Additional Exposure for your Vendors

Not only is the vendor listed on your farmers market and also has an online store page within your market they also get listed on other Avetti Marketplaces such as:

Community Marketing

Ecommerce Store Fronts for your Vendors at No Cost

Avetti can also provide ecommerce at no cost for your vendors that qualify for the CDAP program if they want to upgrade their own website.

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