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Avetti Shop Connect

Activate Your Reseller Network and Sell on Other eCommerce Sites

Avetti Shop Connect helps streamline your multi-channel selling strategy with a dedicated connection to other eCommerce stores, keeping product information and orders in sync. Start increasing your sales channels and unlock your full potential today.

A marketplace routing orders to an ecommerce store using Shop Connect.

What is Avetti Shop Connect?

Avetti Shop Connect is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool designed to unlock your sales potential by expanding where you can sell your products online. Easily send your products, pricing and updated inventory to your new reseller network. You have full control of pricing and which products will be offered.

Expand Your Reach

Tap into new customer bases, gain exposure for your products, and increase brand awareness.

Maximize Sales Potential

Build a reseller network that can cross-sell and upsell your products and increase revenue potential.

Streamline Order Processing

Save time and maintain accuracy with automatic order routing from reseller stores.

How Shop Connect is Different?

Traditionally, businesses had two main options to sell their products online: selling on their eCommerce site or joining a large marketplace like Amazon.

Avetti Shop Connect enables you to curate your own reseller network to sell products on your behalf.

This strategy gives you greater visibility, search engine rankings, and more sales, while giving you control over your customer data.

CriteriaYour eCommerce SiteYour Reseller NetworkLarge Marketplaces
Customer DataFull ownership over customer data.More control over customer data, allowing for personalized marketing and insights.Limited ownership of customer data
Visibility and ReachLimited reach and visibilityGreater reach and visibility with a targeted approachSaturated market, limited reach and visibility
CompetitivenessStiff competition in crowded online marketLess saturated market, providing opportunities to stand out.High competition and limited visibility for smaller sellers.
SEO RankingsDepends on your own effortsAbility to sell on multiple sites to enhance SEO rankingsLimited to one site

Unlock More Opportunities to Sell

There are millions of eCommerce sites in the world. With Shop Connect’s ability to integrate into eCommerce systems, you now have millions of potential resellers to choose from.



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Platform Integration

Avetti Shop Connect integrates with popular eCommerce systems, ensuring a smooth transition and effortless management of your reseller network. Platforms we can integrate to include:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento

Product Syndication

When you establish a connection to your resellers’ sites, your product data remains in sync.

As you update products, Shop Connect updates product details, inventory, images, and pricing, ensuring consistency across all sales channels.

Unified Order Management

With Avetti Shop Connect, all orders from your resellers are routed directly to your own orders page.

With unified order management, you can efficiently process and fulfill orders, ensuring that no orders are missed.

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