Community Focused

Avetti sponsors a number of community organizations by providing free ecommerce services. This started during COVID and we continue to help.

Rotary Club of Barrie

We provide free ecommerce for the Barrie Rotary Annual Online Auction, the Spring Tonic Maple Syrup festival, and many other events throughout the year that require simple or even complex ecommerce processes.

Barrie rotary auction
CFM Marketplace

Creemore Farmers Market

We have provided free ecommerce for the Creemore Farmers Market for years. It’s been a pleasure working with small vendors getting them their online store on the market and dealing with complexities of single quantity products that change every week.

Love Barrie Sign Project

We provided free ecommerce for the web store for the Love Barrie sign project to sell hats and t-shirts promoting the City of Barrie.   We are also a sponsor of the sign as well.

Barrie rotary auction