Procurement Marketplace

Unlock Efficient Supplier Communication and RFQ Functionality for Procurement

Our procurement marketplace solution empowers businesses to optimize supplier relationships, enhance transparency, and achieve procurement success through efficient communication and seamless RFQ management.

Procurement marketplace with integrated suppliers facilitating tending between buyers and sellers.

Procurement Marketplace

A B2B marketplace is a more flexible, powerful alternative to a traditional procurement solution for managing spending and RFP/RFQ processes.

Spend Management Marketplace

Suppliers will register for approval to be listed on your private marketplace, which is only accessible to your internal staff and employees.

We can handle all types of products, even configurable or personalized ones.

Upon making a purchase, the order will be routed to the manager to approve, and can be assigned to the appropriate cost centre.

To simplify re-ordering, you’ll have all the benefits of standard eCommerce features, such as compare tools, internal reviews, bookmarked items, and saved baskets.

Diagram demonstrating how a procurement marketplace connects vendors with purchasing departments.
Diagram of a bids and tenders marketplace for procurement


Support Transactional, Quote, and Negotiation Processes

Make purchases, obtain quotes, and negotiate with suppliers.

Communicate Directly with Approved Suppliers

Enable employees to request more information about a product directly from a supplier.

Powerful Keyword and Faceted Search Options

Accelerate your buying process by getting the most relevant product selection on either desktop or mobile devices.

Tendering Processes

Traditional RFP/RFQ tendering processes involve publishing a project summary, creating options to register interest, and also access to the full project description and associated files. Messaging processes and web forms can be used to accept questions, and communication processes can be used to notify registered suppliers of responses.


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