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Boost Business in just 10 Minutes – then forget it. No additional work!

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Local Shop Communities

Local Shop Communities is a place where Retail Stores that use Shopify online can, with no effort, add a sales channel to their existing Shopify store to offer products in more places. There is nothing to learn. Easily install the Local Shops Communities app then slide up to 100 products into the Local Shops Communities Sales Channel. You get more exposure, more backlinks to improve SEO, and if you have a WhatsApp account you will get a new channel to send news to your customer base. The cost is 25 cents per $100 in sales for up to 100 products.

Boost your Business in 10 minutes

By installing the app you can list up to 100 products. If you have more contact us. You can also offer a service and can package it as a product with a defined price. Just install it and forget about it. Any orders go to your store.

Expertise by the Hour if you need it

If you need help with your marketing and want to have a zoom we have experts that can help with Google ads, Facebooks ads, Klaviyo Email marketing and any SEO issue. Our export can be engaged for as little as an hour for only $35 per hour.

Benefit from Community Marketing

You can also create a WhatsApp Personal Community and have that placed with your products to encourage your customers to Join Your Community. This marketing channel is far better than email as it lets you connect with your customers with 100% deliverability. You can send a PDF of specials weekly or news. Local Shop Communities can also let you chat via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with your customers easily.

How it Works