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Shop Connect Simplifies Multi-Channel Selling

  • Easily send your products, pricing and updated inventory to your new Reseller Network
  • You have full control of pricing and which products will be offered
  • Our Concierge will work with you to help add resellers and explain the process
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How Shop Connect Works

Easy Setup

  • We first schedule an online Zoom meeting with our Concierge that will explain the process and recommend Avetti Connect Network potential Resellers that have complementary products. 

Shopper Makes Purchase

  • The shoppers visit your resellers’ eCommerce sites. They browse through the product catalog, select items, and make a purchase.   If your products are a part of the order,  Shop Connect will update your sell through statistics so you can monitor sell through from your resellers inventory.  

  • If the Reseller allows you to Drop Ship then Shop Connect will send that order to your Shopify/Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, or Magento eCommerce site so you can manage the order and input the shipment tracking code using the same process you handle your own eCommerce orders. 

  • If you are a larger Manufacturer or Distributor and have integrated via API to Shop Connect the order will flow to your existing systems.  There is nothing new to learn.

Prepare Order for Shipment

  • Based on the agreed-upon fulfillment process, you will prepare the order for shipment.

    If the fulfillment process involves shipping to the Reseller’s warehouse:
    You ship the products to their warehouse for reshipment to the end buyer if the Resellers inventory levels are low.

    If the fulfillment process involves drop shipment to the end buyer:
    You dropship the products directly to the end buyer’s address.

  • The reseller is invoiced as you would invoice any customer based on your business agreement and payment terms when you ship individual orders or ship to the resellers warehouse larger shipments.


Unlock the Full Potential of your Business

Avetti Shop Connect empowers businesses with seamless connectivity to optimize sales processes and foster strategic partnerships.