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Avetti Procurement Pricing

Custom Procurement Marketplace

  • Up to 500 Suppliers on your Procurement Site with up to 100,000 products in total
  • Includes a B2B Procurement Site for your Suppliers only you can Access
  • Export Supplier Data via XLS or Direct API Connection to your Ecommerce Site
  • API Access for Manufacturers to Send Product Data Feeds via a GraphQL API
  • Avetti Support to Manufacturers Technical Teams for any API questions or issues
  • Only $4,950 per year
  • Annual Enterprise SLA Support Plan (5K) is Required
  • No Transaction fees
  • No per Order fees

$4,950/year + support

  • Up to 500 Suppliers
  • Up to 100,000 products in total
  • 50 Buyer Logins for your Procurement Portal

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