Why are React Sites So Much Faster than Classic HTML Sites?

In the past a 3 second load time was acceptable. But how can we make this faster?

The key way is to have as much of the site cached globally in CDNs (content delivery networks) and only get from the server data that is need for this particular shopper.

However there is one more way to get even more speed. Did you know that as you move from page to page in a Classic HTML site that your browser must read and parse every single line of javascript and css on every page. This wastes time. This is the key reason some ecommerce sites have a “Quick View” button on products on the category pages as waiting 3 seconds to open the product details page then 3 seconds to go back to the category page is too slow.

React based sites are single page websites. This is a great idea as the javascript and css are loaded ONCE. So the only cost to view a product details page is to get the data needed NOT the whole page.

Of course a key limitation of this is the url to the site never changes however this has been overcome and now the urls will change as you browse categories and items. View the Avetti Commerce Demo store and watch the search engine friendly urls change and realize that this is a single page website.

Its critical to have different URLs for categories and items to improve your SEO rank on search engines.

We provide this benefit and also the speed of React based sites to provide as fast as sub second speeds.

Remember More speed = More Sales.