Avetti Chat: In-Platform Messaging Tool

Avetti Commerce now includes Avetti Chat: a messaging tool which permits buyers to chat with online sellers, or to send messages to offline sellers.

One of the key advantages of a marketplace is that suppliers are responsible for product questions from buyers. This permits you to add new categories, and sell products that your staff do not have specific knowledge of.

Avetti Chat can be integrated to existing ecommerce sites as part of added marketplace functionality, or used as a part of a marketplace created in Avetti Commerce.

Typically, the chat function will be on the storefront for the supplier, as well as on the supplier’s product pages on your marketplace. If you have more than one supplier selling the same product, each will have an individual chat button — or you could limit it to the supplier in the buy box.

Avetti Chat interface buttons: Request Quote, Add To Wishlist, Chat With Seller.

Other chat solutions are not designed to support multiple suppliers. However, marketplaces need to support thousands of buyers, each chatting with many sellers. This ‘many-to-many’ communication need that marketplaces have requires a chat solution designed for this scenario.

The chat process can also be activated to aid in quote processes, so that buyers can communicate with sellers about additional requirements for quote requests.

Quote requests interface
Avetti Chat message inteface displaying conversation between buyer an seller.