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Government eCommerce Case Study

How Avetti Commerce helped create a high traffic, fully accessible Ecommerce site for the Ontario government and custom back end features.

Banner Image of the Ontario Government Building

Project Overview

Publications Ontario is a site that sells government publications to schools, other government ministries, and the public in both physical and digital formats. They had an existing custom-designed eCommerce site, with a receivables side ERP, custom approval processes, and no technical documentation. This project required integration with warehouses and POS systems. The site also needed to be WCAG 2.1 and PCI compliant, as well as highly secure. Publications Ontario is the second highest traffic site in the Ontario government and has high scalability and performance requirements.


The solution required Avetti Commerce to be extended and heavily customized and yet still used on a SaaS model. This project involved adding custom features such as entity types, simplifying and customizing the admin interface, and providing complex reports. Our team designed and implemented a project plan using an agile, sprint-based development approach. The final solution provided significant savings by using an outsourced SaaS model, and has resulted in other government ministries also now using Avetti Commerce.

Screenshot of the Publications Ontario Home Page

Screenshot of a Publications Ontario Category Page
Screenshot of a Publications Ontario Item Page