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Custom Food Marketplace Case Study

Al Aweer Central food market is the largest wholesale food marketplace in the Middle East.

Al Aweer Central's custom food marketplace powered by Avetti Commerce

Project Overview

Al Aweer Central market is the largest wholesale food marketplace in the Middle East. A key challenge was that there were 5 marketplaces required under one site domain.  Each has independent and sometimes overlapping sellers and buyers. A buyer in the retail marketplace also cannot see prices or shop in the wholesale marketplace unless approval is given.  A buyer in the wholesale or container marketplace can shop in the retail marketplace. 

Avetti created a custom food marketplace with multiple levels of roles for Buyers. The roles can be assigned to Buyers to permit enhanced access to additional marketplaces when approved.

Each marketplace had products that had custom properties. For example a Container has a country of origin and a parking spot number. Avetti created custom product entities so that suppliers could easily create products.

Screenshot Showing Drop Down List of Different Marketplaces
Screenshot Showing Item Details from Al Aweer Central Site

A Make an Offer feature was required to enable buyer-seller communication that lets a buyer chat with many sellers in parallel. We created B2B quoting processes to support this use case.

Another challenge is that some sellers are unsophisticated and may not have emails but may have internet access. A custom solution was needed to support onboarding forms to streamline the onboarding of sellers AND update the prices as needed. Avetti integrated with common form tools to make it simple for sellers to be onboarded and update their prices.

Screenshot Showing Category Item Listings

All sellers will also be in a business directory marketplace and another set will be in a services marketplace and some sellers are parents of other sellers. For example, an importer may manage containers.

Screenshot Showing Chat Functionality with Supplier