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Move from Wix or WordPress to a full ecommerce site and build a community to build your business

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Why Avetti CDAP Ecommerce?

The Government of Canada has a program for qualified small businesses to give you for free $2400 to upgrade their website to add ecommerce. If you qualify you can migrate what you have to a new ecommerce site and all costs are covered for 2 years. Yes you wont have to pay a penny. NOTE this program will expire at the end of this year. After 2 years the cost will be 2% of sales to cover monthly hosting and support.

How do I qualify?

  • Your business must have at least 1 employee (other than the business owner) OR must have sales of at least $30,000 per year in the last fiscal year or the last 12 months if the business is less than 80 weeks old.
  • You must sell to the public
  • You want to add ecommerce to your website or upgrade your site to a new solution with ecommerce


To apply go to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Site.

There used to be a larger program for $15k but that has ended. If you wait too long this one will end too.

The approval process will take a few weeks. Then come talk to us and we can get you setup quickly and we’ll include the monthly hosting for 2 years ensuring you have no cost at all.

Here are 2 customers that have recently used this program to have us help them add ecommerce and improve their SEO and marketing:

What is Included?

We can migrate a domain you have to the new site or we can add ecommerce as a to your existing site if you choose.

We have 10 themes out of the box and you can choose 3 levels of power for your site

  1. Use our theme editor and set your logo and home page images and content simply.   This level is ideal if you want to add ecommerce using a approach
  2. Choose to use a free CMS called  that gives you drag and drop editing to modify your home page, contact page and blog and policy pages
  3. or receive a Wordpress site we provide for you where you can have full control of the site as you need.   Here are some examples

Admin Pages to Manage your Products

We provide access to admin pages to manage your products and orders. Orders are sent to YOUR payment processing account.  You can use Square or Stripe. If you have any issues you can send us a support request for one on one help. We don’t take any of your sales. The sales go to you alone.

Get Experts When you Need to Help you Grow your Business

We have experts in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Word press that are available via Zoom at $35 an hour if you need advanced help.  Where else can you get expertise by the hour at this price?

Ongoing Learning Included

We plan to offer monthly sessions online and at our office on how to sell online. Most of our business involves helping enterprises globally.  We work with large retailers, banks and governments and we have 7 offices globally.  We also help for free a number of farmers markets and we sponsor all the ecommerce for the Rotary Club of Barrie. With our experience in the ecommerce field we can provide  knowledge that can help your business.

Learn Community Marketing

The hottest trend right now is Community Marketing using WhatsApp communities. One of our customers went from 3,000 to 22,000 buyer in his community in only 7 months.  A key advantage of this approach is you can develop at marketing channel to your customers with 100% deliverability that you can send a weekly PDF to with specials and news. This is so much better than developing an email list. We can teach you how.

Want to Learn More?

Call us at  705 999 3553 or schedule an In person meeting at our offices in Downtown Barrie at 89 Dunlop St East #201 (right beside Meridian Place) or email us at [email protected] to schedule a zoom.