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How Supplier Connect Works

Expand Your Product Catalog with Ease

Supplier Connect works by connecting your store with suppliers and vendors to receive updates on products, pricing, and inventory directly from the source.

How Avetti Supplier Connect Works

A multivendor marketplace integrates supplier with Supplier Connect.
Add suppliers and products
  1. Login to your Supplier Connect account and configure your site.
  2. Once you’re logged in, invite your suppliers to register to your store.
  3. Agree on business terms with your suppliers, such as determining how shipping will be handled (whether it will be added to the price or included separately) and establishing payment terms.
  4. Supplier integrates their site by entering their credentials on the seller admin page.
  5. Import products directly from your suppliers’ systems and form a connection. Product data, inventory counts, pricing, and images will be added to your site and updated whenever the supplier makes changes on their own system. All supplied products will have a SKU code beginning with “AIN”.
Sell with Supplier Connect
  1. After importing products to your site through Supplier Connect, product data such as pricing and inventory will stay in sync. Your customers will be able to browse a wider range of options.
  2. When a customer places an order with third-party products, a “Request 3rd-party fulfillment” button will display on your orders page. . This will route the order directly to the supplier’s orders page, ensuring swift and efficient order processing.
  • If the fulfillment process involves drop shipment to the end buyer:
    Suppliers dropship the products directly to the end buyer’s address.
  • If the fulfillment process involves shipping to your warehouse:
    Suppliers ship the products to your warehouse for reshipment to the end buyer.
  1. The supplier generates an invoice for the reseller, reflecting any agreed-upon discounts or pricing terms. Depending on your business agreement with the supplier, they may offer credit options or require payment before shipping.