Supplier Buy Leads

All the suppliers in a marketplace can be divided into 3 groups (gold, silver and bronze) based on credits.

The concept of credits comes into use for the "Post Your Buy Requirement" feature which enables a buyer to send 'Any Buying Requirement' that he might have on the marketplace which gets forwarded to all the suppliers by the marketplace admin. When a supplier decides to buy this requirement, the credit gets reduced. Similarly when a supplier decides to respond or view the details of a buyer's enquiry message that comes in, the supplier's credit balance gets reduced.

Adding Credits

Credits are added to supplier accounts from the Master Catalog Warehouse (MCW) store under ADVANCED Tab > SUPPLIER SUBSCRIPTIONS which opens up the 'Manage Supplier Subscriptions' page:


Here you can assign credits to a supplier by clicking 'Add'. The 'Add Supplier Subscription page' opens up. From the drop down list, select the supplier whose account you want to add credits to. Select the subscription level which can be Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Enter the Lead credit balance and Enquiry credit balance and then click Update. The supplier gets added to the Supplier Subscription list and the credits get added to that supplier's account:

The supplier can view the credit balance from their supplier portal under ADVANCED tab > SUPPLIER SUBSCRIPTION. Please refer the screenshot below for a test supplier named Hillsonshoes:


Credit Flow:

When a supplier decides to buy or view the 'post buy requirement' forwarded to him , then one lead credit will get subtracted from his lead credit balance.

When a supplier views or responds to an enquiry message from a buyer, then one enquiry credit from his balance gets removed.

WorkFlow :

A buyer who is logged in posts his buying requirement on the marketplace


On entering the details of his requirement and on clicking Submit, his request for a new requirement gets created



The buy requirements get captured in the admin panel of the master catalog store under ORDERS > MANAGE QUOTES from where the marketplace admin can view all the requests that come in and forward to all the suppliers


Clicking 'Forward leads' will make this buy request available in the Quote Requests page of all the suppliers shared to that marketplace store:


Forward Leads to Suppliers - Points to Remember:
In order to be able to forward the leads to all the shared suppliers , certain properties need to be set:

  • The Master Catalog Warehouse store has the store property: IS_FORWARD_QUOTEREQUEST_TO_SUPPLIER
  • The supplier stores that the leads must be sent to have the store property : SHARE_FROM_MCW = 20161102364 ( master catalog store id )
  • The supplier stores should be shared to the master catalog and the marketplace store for the leads to show up in the supplier store

Once the leads go to the supplier and he decides to edit and buy the lead, his credit balance will reduce by 1. In the screenshot below, the supplier has 98 Lead Credit balance and 99 Enquiry Credit Balance.


After editing the request, his Lead Credit balance reduces to 97.


Similarly, when a supplier decides to view the details or respond to an enquiry under ORDERS > CUSTOMER MESSAGES, his Enquiry Credit balance reduces by 1.


On clicking 'View', the supplier can respond to the buyer's message directly


On sending a message to the buyer, the suppliers Enquiry credit balance gets subtracted by one as seen in the screenshot below.