Multi Suppliers Capability

Avetti provides support for multiple suppliers to list against the same product.In a marketplace model , often there are multiple suppliers selling the same item each having their own unique price and inventory. With the multi supplier capability , this can be done.

1.0 - Specify separate inventory and unique pricing for the same SKU per supplier : Several suppliers can list easily against one SKU with their own price and inventory.For example , 2 suppliers - Supplier B and Supplier 4 are selling the same item for different prices.

The buyer can choose the supplier he wants to buy from and checkout directly from the item page itself.

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2.0 - Easy listing of products : A new supplier can list against an existing item by looking up the UPC (Universal Product Code) for the item from his supplier portal . If a product with the same UPC exists on the marketplace , a supplier can list against this item by giving just the price and inventory.


3.0 - Different tax and shipping rates per supplier : Each supplier can define their own tax and shipping rates per item per store.


4.0 - Share products to hundreds of stores