Multi Store Capability

Set up multiple stores based on customer groups and/or suppliers in different countries and languages.Multi catalog / multi store e-commerce connects thousands of retail locations to suppliers and distributors each with their own independent pricing , products and inventory from one centralized master catalog.

Multi store capability is available for both B2C and B2B businesses looking to operate multiple online stores with unique branding and product offerings by providing one single administrator dashboard. Avetti's multi store platform provides a framework for businesses to launch and manage all stores using one centralized repository.Multiple stores based on locations , catalogs and other factors can be created.

Feature Outline :

  • - Suppliers can have their own stores and sell directly or sell to multiple marketplace stores.Each vendor can have his own separate store with separate admin , orders , product catalogs , payments , shipping and tax rules and design
  • - Product catalogs from multiple stores can be shared to multiple marketplace stores via replication from a central master catalog .The master catalog is a centralized dashboard which pushes items from suppliers to the marketplace
  • - Products are shared to hundreds of stores each having separate local products from the master catalog.
  • - All stores can be imported / exported to a file
  • - Multiple domains per server/store is possible
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  • - Ability to oversee and handle data from multiple stores from one central dashboard. All changes made are instantly visible across the board and customer data is also centralized which helps to develop better marketing campaigns-Multi stores helps companies divide their offerings which enables one to target the right customers and provide more relevant content to buyers
  • - Micro sites with specific brands , better SEO management and customer navigation
  • - Real time inventory and price management
  • - Scalability - There is no limit to products and new stores can be added regularly
  • - Target Regional/International Markets - storefronts can be designed to display content is local languages and price information in native currencies.Stores can be segmented to pinpoint specific regions and customer groups.
  • - Enhance shopping experience of customers with targeted promotions and branding